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The Generalist helps you understand how the best businesses and investors win. Each week, we’ll unpack the insights, tactics, and secrets behind successful companies in big tech, fintech, VC and emerging markets.

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You’re in good company

The Generalist is my number one read. Thoughtful, insightful, and ridiculously consistent. It should be in every investor's arsenal.

Leif Abraham, CEO of Public

The one email I'm actually waiting for in my Sunday inbox. Deep and thorough analysis of the most interesting trends and companies in the digital world, delivered with the right touch of wit. And, as a bonus, Mario is building a fantastic and diverse community of free thinkers. Boom!

Sean Summers, CMO at Mercado Libre

The Generalist is exactly the type of business I love to see: rooted in passion and uniqueness. Its existence will benefit the world by democratizing information and education about technology businesses.

Li Jin, Co-founder of Variant

As a seed investor, I've long been frustrated by the gap between VC coverage and Wall Street analysis. The Generalist marries those two worlds and brings powerful new ideas to the mix.

Ian Rountree, Founder of Cantos
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